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Connect With Your Natural Cycles And Unleash Your Power To Manifest A Life You Love...


This is the most in-depth self discovery program to free yourself of negative self talk and feel confident in life.

Take a minute to ask yourself...

How am I feeling?

How am I REALLY feeling?

The women we help often answer with a list like this:


Emotionally drained

Anxious and stressed

Struggling to find balance

Confused about what I want

Disconnected from my purpose

Overwhelmed by life’s challenges

Like I’m not honoring my passions

Lacking courage to take leaps in my life

Do any of these feel familiar?


If soyou’re not alone — and we want to share a fully embodied way of life with you that combines the power of your feminine cycle with modern-day ritual to get anything you want out of life.

Our suffering as women has everything to do with our disconnection from natural rhythms.

As a woman, the cycles of your moon time pull you inward, consciously or not, more than half of every 28 days of your cycle.

Our hormonal shifts urge us to introvert at times so we can receive important signals from our body.

This is the voice of your embodied soul...

your inner guidance system.

Without the permission to experience this embodiment we habitually ignore messages from our body, mind and soul — and find ourselves overwhelmed, self critical and confused.

It's not your fault that you've forgotten the secret knowledge of your body.


​But it is your responsibility.

We invite you to join our tribe of women who are tapping back into this ancient power.

Join us as we draw upon rituals and laws of nature to:

Reawaken an understanding of the relationship between your body, mind & soul

Live in a body that is your guardian and your teacher

Hear the intuitive truths about your heart’s desires.

Build a relationship with your sacred self and the emotions you move through every week

Get clear on what you really want out of life and how to get it

Understand the moon’s influence on your life, mood, and creative energy

Reducing so-called “PMS” symptoms and silencing your “inner critic”

Feel confident sharing your unique gifts, voice and rhythm.

It is time to

Own Your Rhythm

During the Own Your Rhythm 4-week program, we will guide you through the fundamentals of the moon cycle and how to reconnect to your body, mind and soul through ritual and embodiment practices.

As women, we have and always will be, deeply connected to the cycles of the moon and each stage provides an energy and soul calling that teaches us all we need to know to get what we want out of life.

  • Learn about how your body is uniquely affected by 4 powerful moon phases
  • Feel supported with video guidance from WE Women co-founders, Krystal Starr & Jamie Lee
  • Learn to work with your innate Embodied Intuition
  • Get back in touch with your body’s wisdom with weekly rituals for the body, mind and soul

What Other Women

Are Saying...

This final ritual was just PERFECT to close the entire cycle. I chose to release my unhealthy patterns, specifically to how I show up and feel love in a relationship. With each phase of the moon I feel more connected to what I want in life, and have a deeper trust of myself. I am excited to use the energy of each cycle to create the life (and love!) of my dreams.

 Nadia R, Ireland

This program is my bible. It helped me to not be scared to feel my true power as a woman. My entire life I felt judged and closed off from the world. The embodiment rituals in OYR helped me feel safe to express my true self again.

 Sarah R, USA

OYR helped me understand the connection between the Moon and my cycle, and how I can listen to my body and use the energy of my natural rhythm for self growth and transformation. I can now say that my menstrual cycle isn't a curse - it is a definite blessing.

 Gillian B, United Kingdom

Every woman should take the time to do OYR! It was really easy to move through and understand. I now have a much better understanding of the emotions I go through every week. I was also able to connect and share with my male partner who was struggling to understand the different phases we go through as women.

 Kate H, Australia

Own Your Rhythm can be done at your own pace, and is separated into 4 different phases of embodiment:

  • Own Your Rhythm Week One

    Week One

    Inner Winter // Rhythms Of The New Moon

    In the first week of the program we focus on awareness and inner connection. Here we will learn how to slow down in order to hear our heart's deepest dreams and desires. During this 'dark/winter' cycle of the moon we discuss ways to hone into the true messages of your heart and return to the beauty of your authentic self.

  • Own Your Rhythm Week Two

    Week Two

    Inner Spring // Rhythms Of The Waxing Moon

    We now adventure upwards with the growing light of the moon. In this phase we'll harness the awakening of your creativity, natural energy, inspiration and expansion. Spring is a time of new awakenings, and we're going to shake things up so you can bloom into the truest expression of yourself.

  • Own Your Rhythm Week Three

    Week Three

    Inner Summer // Rhythms Of The Full Moon

    Summer is all about celebration, sensuality and pleasure. Our focus under the energy of the full moon is to reconnect with the natural magnetism you harness within you. As the moon shines bright for all to see, as will you my love. You are fierce, powerful and absolutely gorgeous. It's time that the world saw you for the goddess you really are.

  • Own Your Rhythm Week Two

    Week Four

    Inner Autumn // Rhythms Of The Waning Moon

    In the final week of the program we focus on letting go of what no longer serves you. As the natural rhythm of the moon begins to darken, you are ready to release. Together, we will surrender to our emotions as we journey inwards to face our deepest fears. This powerful final week helps us move into the darkness of the New Moon with clarity, confidence and a deep understanding of our natural rhythm.

We know life can be challenging, sister. It can be hard to commit to new routines and habits. It can be hard to make decisions when you feel overwhelmed and disconnected - even when your intuition is nudging you forward.

We’ve been there.

And if you commit to Own Your Rhythm, we commit to YOU.

Sometimes, all we need in life...
is a little support.

Who Are WE?

WE Women was birthed through intuition, passion and true sisterhood. It was only after experiencing a lack of support, love and connection that we came together to create what we were so desperately missing.

As our journey unfolded, the words "wild" and "embodied" stood out like the Full Moon on a clear night.
Together, Wild and Embodied created WE. 
WE as in the community of sisterhood we so deeply yearned for.
WE as in the coming together of women on a global level. 
WE as in the sisterhood bond we shared.


Our deepest calling is to hold sacred space while integrating our knowledge through multi-faceted healing modalities providing a guiding light for all women as we rise together to stand in our power, support one another and emerge as the Wild Embodied Women we truly are.

Take a moment to visualize how you want your future to look...

  • Are you living your purpose, free of pain and confusion?
  • Manifesting a life of your dreams with ease?
  • Feeling empowered with knowledge of your natural cycles?
  • Honoring yourself daily with habit and ritual?
  • Setting clear boundaries that keep you healthy and happy?
  • Making time for what YOU want?

This is the

Evolved Feminine.

This is YOU.

Claim your power, your life, and your natural rhythm today.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

I don't have a menstrual cycle. Can I still do OYR?

Do I have to show up live for any parts of the program?

How many hours per week does the program take?

When does the OYR course start?

What happens if I miss a week of the OYR program?

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